Due to the ever changing environment and scope, every segment of the oil and gas industry faces unique challenges.

Gorine Energy focuses on assisting the upstream and downstream oil and gas companies to remain competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace.
Gorine Energy helps upstream and downstream oil and gas companies manage risk and maximize profitability.

Upstream Consultancy

By evaluating the existing process control systems, fire control systems and emergency shutdown systems at existing offshore sites, Gennesaret Resources helps clients to improve and upgrade offshore safety standards and certified facilities.

To support companies’ networks of aging pipelines and related infrastructure assets, Gennesaret Resources develops and implements pipeline integrity management framework to verify that these assets are suitable for continued service.

We have performed broad-based reviews of management systems for pipeline system operators, evaluating documented processes and systems.


Downstream Consultancy

Using the latest methodologies for screening critical hazards, Gennesaret Resources provides advanced simulation capabilities to assess and mitigate hazards for clients who process hazardous chemicals.

We provide consultancy, technical, project management, training and logistical support to improve process safety management effectiveness for several industries